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Collecting all tickets for airports and date(s) ...

Flexible dates or places. That's PanFlights.

PanFlights offers great flexibility for your flight search. Here are some examples.

There are maps for both "From" and "To"

See the best alternatives.

Fly from California to the East Coast of the United States.

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We can suggest alternative travel routes.

You want to travel from Birmingham to Tel Aviv.

PanFlights automatically finds favorable "Multi-city" suggestions.

You may for instance fly to Katowice, and continue your trip from Krakow.

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Plan your big trip

You can visit several places. Find good travel routes and travel dates.

Plan a trip via Rome, Barcelona, Stockholm, Prague and Athens.

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You want to travel on your own from Rome to Venice. You want at least 7 days there. Moreover, you have planned a meeting in Stockholm.

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Different departure airports

Organize business meetings or reunions.

You and a couple of friends would like to plan a weekend together somewhere in Italy for your birthday. However, you live in Madrid, and your friends live in Dublin and Berlin.

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Around the World

PanFlights offers unparalleled flexibility. It makes sense to design and book your big trip here.

With "Optimized tour" you can enter multiple places. This is enough. We will make suggestions.

Do you have questions? Contact us.

A new way to search for flights. One that I personally like.
Booking to multiple places can be a problem. But not after this.
If you are both quite flexible (as many of us nomads are) and value cheap flights, then PanFlights is for you.
Thanks for having updated your website. Which is really nice and helpful for finding the best price.

Unique suggestions are available here


Our flight planner tool was launched in July 2016.
When planning to visit multiple places, the destinations order, travel dates, and even which exact cities to visit is often not important. Your flexibility creates a possibility to create routes that can be better than what you would find using traditional flight search engines.
With PanFlights you specify which areas to visit, and the minimum length of stay at each place. Optionally, you can indicate to be at specific places on given dates. There may for instance be a festival or conference you would like to join.
You can fly into one place, and continue your trip from another.
With your requirements set, PanFlights calculates route suggestions for you.
You may adjust one suggested route by clicking "Customize".

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