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Booking to multiple places can be a problem.
But not after this.
The Travel Inspector

Easily plan trips with many destinations

We are an innovative flight route planning company, located in Norway. With this site we have changed the way multi-city flight search is done.

When planning to visit multiple places, the destinations order, travel dates, and even which exact cities to visit is often not important. Your flexibility creates a possibility to create routes that can be better than what you would find using traditional flight search engines.

With Panflights you specify which areas to visit, and the minimum length of stay at each place. Optionally, you can indicate to be at specific places on given dates. There may for instance be a festival or conference you would like to join.

You can fly into one place, and continue your trip from another.

With your requirements set, Panflights calculates route suggestions for you.

You may adjust one suggested route by clicking "Customize".

Around the World Trips

When planning your trip, the exact dates and order of destinations are usually not set in stone.

Our highly flexible multi-destination search possibilities make us a refreshing choice for backpacker and Around the World trips.

Around the world companies typically ask you to select one of several pre-designed routes, submit your personal information, and wait for a price quote.

At Panflights, we design different routes based on your possibly vague suggestions, and your price is instantly ready.

Do you have questions? Contact us. If you want to make changes to your trip after booking, the friendly support staff at the online booking company (e.g. will do their best to help you.

Happy searching!

Frequently asked

I did not hear of this site until recently. Is it safe to use?
Yes, all bookings are through top rated booking services, like Check their latest reviews.

Are you an online travel agency?
No, you will not make your bookings at Panflights. We are a flight planner and price comparison service.

How much luggage can I bring?
It depends on the different airlines. After clicking through on the price to the online booking service at e.g., you will see how much is included in the price, and also be given the option to add extra luggage.

How do I add extra passengers for multi-destination flights?
The option to add extra passengers will be available after clicking through on the price for booking.

What do you mean by the "best" route?
We optimize on expected price and flight duration. And provide an interface that lets you further tailor suggested routes. The route calculations system includes use of price estimates. It is therefore sometimes possible to find an even lower price by forcing a different route order. This can be done by requiring specific dates for one of the destinations, available under the "More options" tab.

What is behind the "Alternatives" links?
It is used for investigation and tailoring. Click such links to bring up a new search tab with distinct date(s) and between distinct airports based on a trip suggestion. From there you can make modifications.

What are those "Stopover" links?
When a flight consists of multiple segments, you may wish to visit stopover cities for a longer period. By clicking "Stopover", a multi-city search with the stopover cities as separate flights is shown in a new tab. Splitting up a flight this way can be more comfortable, and sometimes more economical. Check the calendar for price and flight options.

How long have you been in the flight planning business?
Our flight planner tool was launched in July 2016.