Getting between the airport and the city

Get an overview of your options See public transport timetables and station locations on a map Try searching from the airport to the city. For instance from London Heathrow (LHR) to London. Or search from the city to the airport. You may find direct transport options that you didn’t know existed. Switch map views between … Read more

Find flights from different cities to common meetup destinations

Identifying the best combination of flights from different airports to a common destination can be challenging. When organizing such a get-together you may consider several destinations, and would like all parties to arrive at a similar time. And as always, you don’t want it to cost more than necessary. If you’ve ever tried searching for … Read more

Plan more sustainable trips with PanFlights

The summer of ’23 gives us record temperatures, and scientists relate this to man made climate changes caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Travelers now increasingly look for ways to cut their travel related carbon footprints. Real emission cuts, not carbon offsets Various travel planning websites identify flights having lower emissions than average for … Read more